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$DHN is a multichain utility token that allows users to get the most out of the Dohrnii ecosystem. With a total supply of 332,000,000 DHN, the token plays a vital part in Dohrnii platform.

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Blockchains & Contract Addresses

Ethereum: 0x32462bA310E447eF34FF0D15BCE8613aa8C4A244

VeChain (Native): 0x8e57aadF0992AfCC41F7843656C6c7129f738F7b

Binance Smart Chain: 0xff8BBc599EA030AA69d0298035dFE263740a95bC



Upcoming DEX/CEX Exchanges

Why DHN was created?

To incentive all participant to contribute to the ecosystem, we created a compensation framework powered by our very own token $DHN as the core driver of growth. Together with the support of our community, we aims to become the world’s leading empowerment token.


With our Academy, you will be rewarded for completing quizzes and challenges. DHN plays a key role alongside DHND in promoting growth on the platform.


Our community is flourishing, with a strong emphasis on cultivating a supportive and positive environment. We prioritize community building and strive to foster a healthy and inclusive atmosphere for all members to thrive in.

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The Dohrnii platform will leverage $DHN to incentivize and reward active participants in the ecosystem, aligning interests and fostering engagement.


We want to encourage people to learn and gain knowledge about the crypto space. For this reason, among other things, we use DHN as an empowerment token that rewards users along the way.


Within the Dohrnii wallet, there will be an option for staking available to DHN holders. This feature will allow users to select from a range of lock periods and associated APY rates, providing greater flexibility and potential rewards for those looking to maximize their investments.


The marketplace allows users to create and deploy their content on the platform. In order to deploy a smart contract on the platform, a certain amount of DHN tokens need to be staked.

2023 Q1-Q2

The upcoming roadmap focuses on the steady improvement of Dohrnii Academy, expanded course offerings, community engagement, partnerships, and development of the Dohrnii Wallet and DHND token contract.

Update integration, wallet development, and design optimization

Expansion of course offerings

Introducing new courses and learning materials tailored to user needs and covering current topics in crypto and finance. We will offer 1-2 new courses per week until we reach 40 lessons.

Dohrnii Community Engagement

Organizing online events, webinars, and workshops to promote the Dohrnii Academy community and enable knowledge and experience sharing.

future of DHND

Token contract creation and test network testing will start on Monday. After successful verification, the audit follows (3-8 weeks). The MINT takes place after audit completion audit duration (4-8 weeks). Snapshot and a one-week swap period are planned.

Entering Partnerships

Entering into partnerships with leading companies and organizations in crypto and finance to provide users with exclusive learning resources, internship opportunities, and networking events.