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$DHN is a multichain utility token that allows users to get the most out of the Dohrnii ecosystem. With a total supply of 332,000,000 DHN, the token plays a vital part in Dohrnii platform.


First Bi-weekly Update in 2024 from Dohrnii

First Bi-weekly Update in 2024 from Dohrnii

Greetings Dohrnii Academy Community, We’re back and hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year. As we stand on the cusp of our next sprint, we are thrilled to bring you a sneak peek into our ongoing efforts to enhance your learning journey. While this sprint features a lighter load of refinements, we are committed to making every moment you spend with Dohrnii Academy exceptional. Sprint 19–20# Progress: 1. Refinement: Implement Proper Disposal of Temporary User Data on Logout Security and data integrity are paramount. To further fortify your experience, we are implementing a meticulous method for disposing of temporary user data when you log out. This ensures that your personal information is handled with the utmost care, promoting trust and peace of mind. 2. Refinement 2: Fix Share Quiz Result — Correct Box Data Precision is our goal. We are addressing and resolving issues related to sharing quiz results, specifically ensuring that the data displayed within the shared box is accurate and reflective of your achievements. Your accomplishments deserve to be celebrated accurately. 3. Upcoming Release: Elevating Your Visual Experience Our latest release is on the horizon, poised to enrich your interaction with the Dohrnii Academy app. While this sprint may feature fewer technical details, we want you to know that our commitment to excellence has not wavered. Our team has been hard at work, and we can’t wait to unveil the refinements to our visual identity. 4. Enhancing Your Visual Experience: A Glimpse into the Future Our focus on refining our visual identity is designed to provide you with a more engaging and immersive experience. From the moment you open our app, you will notice a fresh and invigorated interface that promises a more enjoyable learning journey. We believe that aesthetics and functionality should go hand in hand, and this refinement is a testament to our dedication to making learning not just informative but also visually captivating. 5. New Features and Ideas: Fueling Your Learning Journey In addition to these visual refinements, we are actively exploring new features and ideas to ensure your learning journey is both entertaining and fruitful. Our team is tirelessly brainstorming ways to make your time with Dohrnii Academy not just educational but also engaging and exciting. As we gear up for this sprint, we want to express our gratitude for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping the Dohrnii Academy experience, and we are committed to continuously improving and exceeding your expectations. Stay tuned for our upcoming release, and prepare to embark on a visually enriched and knowledge-filled adventure with Dohrnii Academy. With warm regards, Dohrnii DAO Team

Dohrnii’s Vision 2024: Transforming Learning for a Brighter Future”

Dohrnii’s Vision 2024: Transforming Learning for a Brighter Future”

Introduction: As we step into the dawn of 2024, we are eager to share with you our exciting vision for the year ahead. First and foremost, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your steadfast support. It is your passion and loyalty that continue to propel our growth and evolution. The Evolution of Dohrnii: Dohrnii has always been committed to providing a dynamic and engaging learning platform, and 2024 is no exception. At the core of our vision is the creation of a learning ecosystem that empowers users to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Visual and Functional Enhancements: One of the highlights of our 2024 vision is a complete redesign of the platform’s interface. Users can look forward to a more visually stunning, seamless, and user-friendly interface that will elevate their learning experience to new heights. We believe that visually appealing design is essential for an engaging and effective learning experience. Interactive Quizzes and Glossary: Learning should be interactive and enjoyable. That’s why we are introducing quizzes during classes and glossary quizzes to ensure our users truly grasp the material. Reinforcing key concepts has never been more engaging. Innovative Features: Our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. In 2024, Dohrnii will introduce a range of innovative features, including Wallet Connect, DHN Uscase, Dohrnii Pro, and Animated Jellys. Each of these features is designed to offer users new ways to interact with our platform and expand their knowledge. Redesigned Onboarding: The onboarding process is a user’s first step in their Dohrnii journey. We have completely redesigned it to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. Additionally, we are introducing a new signup method with innovative features to make getting started as easy as possible. A New Way to Set Up Your Account: We have reimagined the process of setting up user accounts to make it leaner and more user-centered. It’s all about ensuring that users can personalize their Dohrnii experience to suit their needs. Enhanced Learning Experience: The heart of Dohrnii lies in its classes and lessons. In 2024, we are introducing a new structure for class and lesson content that makes it more intuitive and engaging. Users can expect key concepts to be highlighted for easier comprehension. A Glimpse into the Future: With a revamped quiz screen, new quiz animations, and improved reward logic, completing a Dive has never been more rewarding. And when it comes to rewards, our completely redesigned profile screen allows users to personalize their profiles like never before. Introducing New Sections: Dohrnii is expanding its horizons with new sections, including “How Do I Do,” a Stories section, and an updated leaderboard with improved reward logic. These sections will bring depth and diversity to the Dohrnii experience. With this comprehensive array of updates and features, Dohrnii is poised to revolutionize learning in 2024 and shape a brighter future for all its users. Warm regards, Dohrnii DAO Team

Dohrnii Academy: Reflecting on a Journey of Transformative Achievements in Digital Education

Dohrnii Academy: Reflecting on a Journey of Transformative Achievements in Digital Education

Unveiling a Revolutionary Milestone: Dohrnii Academy App Version 2.1.0 We are thrilled to unveil the monumental release of Dohrnii Academy App Version 2.1.0, a milestone that marks a transformative era in digital education. This update transcends the ordinary, heralding a new age of innovation, enhanced security, and a user interface that redefines excellence. The release of Version 2.1.0 is a testament to our team’s unwavering commitment and visionary approach, catapulting the Dohrnii Academy into the forefront of educational technology. This version is more than just an upgrade; it’s a complete overhaul that embodies our dedication to delivering an unparalleled learning experience: What’s New at Dohrnii? Bi-Weekly Update Breakdown (December 9, 2023) — Read More Sprint 18# Progress: A symphony of enhancements! Quiz Feedback Revolution: Personalized, dynamic, and utterly engaging. Visual Elegance Redefined: Aesthetic harmony is achieved through meticulous design tweaks. Smart Profile Interactions: Introducing an intuitive “Save Changes” button. Notification Evolution: Richer details for a more informed experience. Encouraging Success Messages: Celebrating every correct answer with motivational flair. Thrilling Quiz Timers: Intensifying the challenge with a 10-second countdown. Seamless User Experience: Resolving the elusive home screen access mystery. Strategic “Complete” Button: Ingeniously repositioned for optimal user convenience. Glossary Mastery: Unlocking new realms of knowledge with user-controlled glossary access. Account Unification: A seamless fusion of accounts across diverse platforms. Enhanced Class Guidance: Clearer, more intuitive user directions. Effortless Password Resets: Streamlining security with user-friendly processes. Frontend Glossary Innovation: Fully embracing the new locking/unlocking functionality. Backend Brilliance: Technical perfection with improved configurations and uniform design. 2. Dohrnii Academy — A Leap Forward in User Experience (November 24, 2023) — Read More Sprint 17# Progress: A cascade of user experience enhancements! Hotfix Heroics: Swiftly correcting email redirection for smoother journeys. Typography Transformation: The sleek Poppins font elevates textual beauty. Adaptive Reading Comfort: Switch between light and dark, crafting your reading haven. Software Upgrades: Advancing with the latest tech for superior functionality and security. Google Auth Perfection: Ironing out the kinks for a flawless login. XP Calculation Mastery: Intelligent adjustments for a fair and engaging challenge. Lesson Relation Ingenuity: Crafting a more intuitive, seamless lesson selection process. Backend Evolution: Enhancing the core for robust and efficient user progress tracking. Interactive Lesson Ratings: Engaging users in a dialogue of feedback and improvement. Visual Delight in Upcoming Classes: A visual feast, setting the stage for future learning adventures. 3. What’s New at Dohrnii? Bi-Weekly Update Breakdown (November 13, 2023) — Read More Major App Updates: Unveiling Version 2.1.0 — A new era begins! The Dawn of Version 2.1.0: A monumental update, redefining the essence of our app. Update Assurance: Always in sync with the latest and safest version. Fortified Security: Enhanced protection with advanced JWT token measures. Maintenance Mode Mastery: Minimizing downtime, maximizing experience. Notification Nirvana: Tailored, timely, and totally relevant. Visual Splendor: Addressing every detail for an immersive interface. Privacy and Security Reinforced: Strengthening the foundations of user trust. Design Harmony: Achieving visual perfection in every aspect. Notification System Overhaul: Customized for maximum impact and reliability. Inclusive Design Philosophy: Crafting experiences that resonate across all devices. Lesson Switch Spectacle: Introducing visually stunning transitions. Home Screen Evolution: A tailored approach to content discovery. Lesson Logic Refinement: Streamlining for an intuitive educational journey. Glossary Management Breakthrough: Seamless access to a world of knowledge. UI/UX Symphony: Harmonizing every element for a cohesive visual narrative. Quiz Celebration: Personalized accolades for every triumph. Sharing Made Seamless: Effortless sharing, spreading knowledge with ease. Quiz Completion Fanfare: Celebrating achievements with visual flair. Sneak Peek at Tomorrow: A tantalizing preview of upcoming educational wonders. Performance Elevation: Enhancing stability and responsiveness, one update at a time. 4. Dohrnii Academy’s Redesigned App with Exciting New Features and Design (June 13, 2023) — Read More Language Selection: Tailoring the app experience in your preferred language. Welcome Message: A warm introduction to your personalized learning journey. Account Creation: Effortless setup for a customized learning track. Redesigned Home-Screen: A clear, engaging overview of your progress and upcoming tasks. Story Lesson: Innovative storytelling approach to teaching key concepts. Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge and track your learning. Quiz Results and Ratings: Insightful feedback and a chance to voice your opinion. Key Points and Glossary: Essential summaries and a comprehensive list of terms. Leaderboard and Notifications: Stay competitive and informed with the latest updates. CEX Exchanges and Altcoins: Explore the world of Bitcoin trading and altcoins. Profile Customization: Personalize your information and connect with friends. Wallet Connectivity: Manage your digital assets seamlessly. 5. Dohrnii Academy’s Journey to Exceptional Learning Experiences (June 5, 2023) — Read More Collaborative Innovation and Visionary Future: Synergistic Magic: Where developers and designers weave educational dreams. Glimpses of Tomorrow: Unveiling the future, one innovative feature at a time. The Evolution Continuum: Our relentless pursuit of perfection in every pixel. A Pledge to Excellence: Our promise to transcend boundaries and redefine learning. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our vibrant community for their invaluable support and insights. Your enthusiasm fuels our mission to continuously push the boundaries of digital learning. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments as we journey together into an exhilarating future of education. Warmest regards, Dohrnii DAO