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$DHN is a multichain utility token that allows users to get the most out of the Dohrnii ecosystem. With a total supply of 332,000,000 DHN, the token plays a vital part in Dohrnii platform.


Dohrnii’s New Roadmap for Quarter End 1-Q2 — 2023

Dohrnii’s New Roadmap for Quarter End 1-Q2 — 2023

Dohrnii’s New Roadmap for Quarter End 1-Q2 — 2023 Update integration, wallet development, and design optimization for Dohrnii Academy: We are continuously committed to developing and improving Dohrnii Academy to provide the best possible experience for our users. We plan to integrate content into five additional languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. However, due to the varying complexity of the content, we can’t give exact timelines for the implementation of these languages. Starting Monday, we will begin the development of the Dohrnii Wallet, supported by a developer who meets our standards. In parallel, extensive design adjustments will be made to the app (Academy), based on user feedback, to optimize usability and visual aesthetics. The redesign includes a more intuitive user interface, more engaging graphics, and a more transparent structure to make the learning process more enjoyable. Expansion of course offerings: Introducing new courses and learning materials tailored to user needs and covering current topics in crypto and finance. We will offer 1–2 new classes per week until we reach 40 lessons. Community Engagement: Organizing online events, webinars, and workshops to promote the Dohrnii Academy community and enable knowledge and experience sharing. Partnerships: Entering into partnerships with leading companies and organizations in crypto and finance to provide users with exclusive learning resources, internship opportunities, and networking events. DHND: Starting Monday, token contract creation will begin, followed by extensive testing on the test network. After successful and error-free verification, the contract will be released for audit. Once the audit is complete, the MINT will start. The creation of the contract and the testing phase take 4–6 weeks. The audit requires an additional 3–8 weeks. After successful testing and auditing, the MINT occurs within minutes. The snapshot will take place only on the Binance Smart Chain side after the creation and verification of the token are complete. We will give everyone one week to swap their tokens. Instructions on how to swap can be found here: What is DHND and how you can get it? The roadmap for the second quarter focuses on continuously improving Dohrnii Academy and providing users with an engaging and effective learning environment. By constantly updating the platform, expanding course offerings, fostering community engagement and partnerships, and developing the Dohrnii Wallet and DHND token contract, we can provide the best possible experience for our users.

What does “Atomic Swap” mean in the world of Cryptocurrencies?

What does “Atomic Swap” mean in the world of Cryptocurrencies?

The “Atomic Swap” An “Atomic Swap” is a novel idea in the world of cryptocurrencies that enables two parties to exchange cryptocurrencies directly without the use of a middleman. Atomic swaps are cryptocurrency transactions that can happen instantly between the two parties involved, as opposed to traditional cryptocurrency transactions that need a third party, like an exchange. The parties use a smart contract built on a blockchain platform like Ethereum or Bitcoin to carry out an atomic swap. With the help of the smart contract, it is ensured that both parties can send and receive cryptocurrencies instantly and simultaneously. When a party sends cryptocurrency, it is kept in a hash-lock escrow account until the transaction’s requirements are satisfied. The hash-lock escrow account is opened, and the cryptocurrencies are sent to the appropriate parties once the conditions have been satisfied. Due to the quick and secure transactions made possible by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, a new era of finance has begun. Atomic swapping is a cutting-edge technology that has emerged in recent years. We define atomic swaps, describe how they operate and discuss their advantages in this article. What exactly are atomic swaps? An atomic swap is a way to exchange cryptocurrencies between different blockchains directly and without the use of a middleman. Smart contracts, which can be carried out on various blockchain platforms like Ethereum or Bitcoin, are the foundation of an atomic swap. These smart contracts make sure that neither party must wait for confirmation from a third party, such as an exchange, to send or receive their cryptocurrency simultaneously. How do atomic swaps work? The hash lock and the time lock are the two steps that make up an atomic swap. The hash lock is used to hold the cryptocurrencies in escrow until the conditions of the transaction are met. The transaction must be finished within a specific amount of time, which is ensured by the time lock. The transaction is automatically canceled if the requirements are not fulfilled within the time lock. The same hash value must be known by both parties to conduct an atomic exchange. The cryptocurrency is held in escrow until the transactional requirements are satisfied using the hash value. Following the fulfillment of the requirements, the hash value is released and the corresponding cryptocurrencies are sent to the parties. What are the benefits of atomic swaps? Atomic swaps benefit cryptocurrency users in a variety of ways. They enable the direct exchange of various cryptocurrencies and are quick, safe, and effective. There are no middlemen or fees necessary because they are decentralized. Furthermore, different cryptocurrencies can be traded directly without the use of a middleman currency like bitcoin. Overall, an atomic swap is a novel and promising way to increase the security, effectiveness, and directness of cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a crucial step in the direction of achieving the original goal of cryptocurrencies, which was to serve as a direct peer-to-peer payment system. Atomic swaps will revolutionize trading between various blockchains as they gain traction in the cryptocurrency world, creating new possibilities for exchanges. Noting that Atomic Swaps are a relatively new technology, there are still some challenges to be overcome. It is important to understand what you are doing and be aware of any potential risks before performing an atomic swap. Bridge A new era of decentralized finance has begun thanks to blockchain technology, which makes transactions quick and secure and eliminates the need for brokers and middlemen. Bridging is one of the cutting-edge technologies that have emerged recently. What does the term “bridging” in blockchain technology mean? The term “bridging” in blockchain technology describes joining two or more blockchains to transfer tokens or data between them. A particular layer of software or protocol known as a “bridge” is used to establish the connection. A bridge allows users to use different applications and services on different blockchains without having to transfer their assets to a single platform. How does bridging work? Standardized protocols and practices called “bridging” are typically used to connect and exchange data between various blockchains. The protocols and standards allow for various levels of operation and various kinds of interactions between blockchains. For instance, some bridges allow for the transfer of assets or tokens between various blockchains, while others allow for the transfer of data or messages. What are the benefits of bridging? The use of bridging by blockchain technology users has numerous advantages. It gives users the option to use various services and applications across various blockchains and opens up new possibilities for the creation of decentralized ecosystems and applications. It also creates new opportunities for combining various blockchains to make token or data exchange easier. There are no middlemen or fees needed because bridging is decentralized. Overall, bridging is a significant advancement in blockchain technology that has the potential to improve the value and interoperability of various blockchains. It gives users the option to use various services and applications across various blockchains and opens up new possibilities for the creation of decentralized ecosystems and applications. It is crucial to remember that bridging can also present some difficulties, including security and compatibility issues with various blockchains. The advancement of bridging in blockchain technology will enhance the integration of various blockchains and create new possibilities for token and data exchange. Additionally, it will contribute to maintaining the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and achieving the goal of a completely decentralized world economy.

What is $DHND and how you can get it?

What is $DHND and how you can get it?

The $DHND token is a brand new token that will be created specifically for our community. We will implement features in the new $DHND smart contract that include lock-in periods and vesting periods to control both the circulation of tokens and sell pressure and to encourage partnerships with influencers, companies, and exchanges. The approach will enable price stability to be controlled and selling pressure to be minimized. A certain percentage of future transactions in $DHND will go into the liquidity pool to ensure pool stability and encourage other users to create their own pools to profit from buying and selling $DHND. The $DHND tokens are distributed to investors according to their DHN investment amounts under our token vesting plan. - For an investment of 1 million DHN tokens, 2.5% will be distributed right away, and 0.75% will be distributed each month. - For every 500,000 DHN tokens, 3.75% $DHND will be given out right away, along with 1.5% each month. - For 250 000 DHN tokens, 4.5% $DHND will be distributed immediately and 1.7% monthly. - For investments under 100,000 DHN tokens, 5% will be distributed right away and 2% will be distributed each month. After the airdrop, the $DHND token will be listed on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, so now is a great time to acquire some $DHND tokens. Holders of DHN tokens have two options for taking part in the $DHND airdrop: they can either use to transfer their tokens from Vechain to the Binance smart chain or use Pancakeswap to buy DHN on the Binance smart chain. The Dohrnii Academy will continue to be accessible for free, and $DHND will only offer the Dohrnii ecosystem’s utility tokens with longer lifespans. Additionally, the Dohrnii ecosystem will continue to include the $DHN token. We would like to inform you that we are working hard to create the best user experience for our community and take our project to the next level. Keep checking and following us with the most recent information. We appreciate your support and look forward to collaborating with you to shape the future of Dohrni.