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$DHN is a multichain utility token that allows users to get the most out of the Dohrnii ecosystem. With a total supply of 332,000,000 DHN, the token plays a vital part in Dohrnii platform.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Unstake Your DHN and Send Them to a VeChain Compatible Wallet

A Step-by-Step Guide to Unstake Your DHN and Send Them to a VeChain Compatible Wallet

Dear Community, We have put together a comprehensive guide that not only assists you in Unstaking your DHN but also guides you in sending them to a VeChain-compatible wallet, such as Trust Wallet, Sync1, or Sync2. This step-by-step guide is designed to ensure a safe and efficient transfer process. As we modify our staking structure, understanding these new procedures becomes crucial. You can learn more about why we are ending Staking and what exciting developments await by visiting this link. Log in to your wallet, and be sure it's the 1.2.13 Version, if Not Update Your Dohrnii Wallet: Click on Restore with Private key. Set a new password: The password should include at least 8 words, a capital letter, and a number. Now dive into the world of Crypto: Use the correct password. Choose the correct private key and click “OK”. A loading sequence will appear. (Little joke: If you’re using the new version of iOS, this will go better, faster, and smoother. You know how Apple always makes everything easier! 😉) Please verify your VTHO balance: Once you’re in your wallet, and there is enough VTHO, go to the Staking section, which is the second icon on the bottom left. You should have a minimum of 25–50 VTHO. This amount is crucial for the Unstaking and transfer of your DHN to another address. Once this is confirmed, proceed to the Staking section, If you do not have sufficient VTHO, you can purchase them through centralized exchanges. You can view where they are available here. Unlock your DHN: In the staking section, go to the lock/staking icon and click on it. It’s important to note if the staking period concludes and your DHN remains in the staking pool, you won’t accrue additional rewards. This is because from day one following the conclusion of the staking period, reward distribution ceases. Unstaking the DHN: By selecting ‘Unstake’, you’re ending the staking process and extracting your DHN from the pool. Confirm it with your password: Enter the password you originally created when importing your wallet, then click ‘OK’. Take a look at the staking periods: If the message reads ‘No stakings for this address,’ congratulations, you have successfully unstaked your DHN. You can now verify your balance by refreshing your screen: Your DHN, once withdrawn from staking, should now be visible in your wallet. If not, simply scroll down the screen for an automatic refresh. Send your DHN: Click on your DHN balance, and add the address where you want your DHN to be sent to. We recommend performing a test transaction first to see if the DHN will arrive at the specified address. If this goes off successfully, send the full amount to a wallet that is compatible with the VeChain blockchain, such as the Trust, Sync 1, or Sync 2 Wallets, which are perfectly suited for this purpose. Confirm The Transaction: After you have entered the address and are ready to send the Full Amount of DHN, confirm the transaction with your password. Once this is done successfully, a window should pop up saying Transaction Successful. Completion: Congratulations! You have successfully sent your DHN from the Dohrnii Wallet. We highly recommend taking your time during this process and carefully thinking through each step. If any unanswered questions or uncertainties arise in the process, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our team is standing by to provide you with assistance as needed. Best regards, The Dohrnii DAO

Towards completion: an update on Dohrnii Academy #8

Towards completion: an update on Dohrnii Academy #8

It’s an exciting time for us here at Dohrnii as we are in the final stages of developing our innovative Academy app. With about 70–75% of the app completed, we are well on our way to turning our vision into reality. The remaining 25–30% undoubtedly represents the most complex and extensive parts of our development journey. However, we are confident and well-equipped to successfully meet these challenges. Progress and Achievements In the past week, we have made significant progress and completed a number of important tasks. Here are the highlights: Dynamic screens for altcoins and providers: We created an intuitive and smooth user experience by making the screens for altcoins and Providers dynamic. Quiz completion/user progress endpoint: To effectively support our users’ learning process, we implemented a quiz progress and user progression tracking endpoint. Adding sound effects to CTAs: To further enhance the user experience, we added sound effects to the call-to-action elements. Leaderboard screen, dynamic design: We made the leaderboard screens dynamic to encourage healthy competition and engagement among our users. Endpoints for submitting and retrieving payout requests: To increase the transparency and efficiency of our platform, we created endpoints for submitting and retrieving disbursement requests. Creation of disbursement reports for pending disbursement requests: We generated reports for pending withdrawal requests to give our users a clear overview of their transactions. Upload/edit user avatar images: This allows our users to customize their profiles and express their identity within our community. Adding wallet address to withdrawal request creation method: To simplify the process for our users, we have added the wallet address to the method of creating withdrawal requests. Tracking and updating user attempts and user routes: We implemented mechanisms to track and update user attempts and user routes to personalize and improve learning. Custom endpoint for user feedback and reporting user issues: We created dedicated endpoints for collecting user feedback and reporting user issues to ensure smooth communication and quick issue resolution. Postman API Documentation Maintenance: We have updated and maintained the API documentation to ensure that it is always up to date. FAQ Endpoint: We created a dedicated endpoint for frequently asked questions to provide quick and efficient answers to our users. Stories screen & dynamic design: We created a dedicated stories screen and designed it dynamically to provide an engaging and interactive user experience. Connecting Wallet Screens: We created wallet connect screens to provide our users with an easy and secure way to manage their cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal request screens: we created dedicated withdrawal request screens to simplify and speed up the process for our users. Creating single types for privacy and About app pages: We created dedicated pages for privacy policies and about app information to provide clear and transparent information to our users. Deleting user endpoints: We created a user account deletion endpoint to give our users full control over their data. Creating an endpoint for importing altcoin and vendor data: We created a dedicated endpoint for importing altcoin and vendor data to provide our users with up-to-date and accurate information. Looking to the future. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to tackling the remaining parts of the app. Our dedication and skills put us in a position to successfully complete this challenging task. We are excited about the upcoming completion of Dohrnii Academy and can’t wait to share it with you. If you’re curious about the Academy’s new design, take a look at our previous post. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news on our journey to create a revolutionary learning platform in the crypto space. With the warmest regards Dohrnii DAO

Dohrnii Academy’s Redesigned App with Exciting New Features and Design

Dohrnii Academy’s Redesigned App with Exciting New Features and Design

In this article, we’ll take you on a comprehensive roadmap through the fascinating new features of the Dohrnii Academy app redesign. Here’s a preview of the exciting topics we’ll cover: Language Selection: Learn how to select your preferred language to best customize the app experience and communicate effectively. Welcome Message: dive into the warm welcome message that greets you when you launch the app and sets you up for your personalized learning journey. Account creation: learn how to effortlessly create an account to track your progress and access personalized content. Home-Screen: Discover the redesigned Homescreen that gives you a clear overview of your learning journey, progress, and upcoming tasks. Story Lesson: Learn how the new lessons guide you through intriguing stories to teach you important concepts and information. Quizzes: Take on the challenges of the interactive quizzes and test your learned knowledge. Complete the quizzes with results: Learn how to get your quiz results presented and analyze your performance. Rating the quiz: discover how to rate the quizzes and provide valuable feedback to improve the quality of the learning content. Key Points: Learn about the outstanding points you can earn as you complete lessons and quizzes. Glossary: Dive into the comprehensive glossary that includes all the important terms and their meanings. Leaderboard: Explore the engaging world of leaderboards that compare your progress and achievements with other users. Notifications: Learn how the new notifications feature keeps you informed about the latest updates and relevant announcements. CEX Exchanges: learn more about the most popular Bitcoin trading platforms and discover trusted and recognized providers. Altcoins: Explore the comprehensive list of altcoins and learn more about each one with a simple click. Profile: dive into the world of your profile, where you can customize your personal information and invite friends to follow their progress. Connect Wallet: Learn how to seamlessly link your cryptocurrency wallet to the app to effortlessly manage your digital assets. Language Selection: By selecting your preferred language, you may easily launch your app on this screen. Give yourself the chance to communicate effectively in a language that you understand. Your options are endless, and your journey starts right here. Welcome Message: Set out on a captivating journey as the welcoming welcome screen shows you the way and reveals the app’s treasures to you. Prepare yourself to understand the extensive content and learn about the noteworthy features you anticipate. Allow this screen to serve as your devoted guide as he informs you of the wonders that are there in front of you. Account creation: By setting up your own account, you may utilize the Account to its fullest extent. Access all the amazing features without difficulty. Whether you’re a returning user or a first-time visitor, you may opt to sign in and go on your trip or start a brand-new exciting chapter by creating a brand-new account. You have a choice, and the options are endless. Home-Screen: Start a thrilling path of advancement as you realize the power of the captivating home screen. With your daily streak, squids, XP, and energy levels pulsing in the top bar, you can see your triumphs and personal development come to life. Immerse yourself in a hand-selected collection of engrossing courses that are brimming with precious knowledge. Prepare for the ultimate test: tests that will challenge you. As you succeed in your studies and accept the priceless lessons discovered from quiz failure, you will reap the benefits of XP and squids. Your journey to greatness will be ignited by your unwavering commitment and voracious curiosity. Story Lesson: In the app, the world of cryptocurrencies and finance is brought to life through engaging stories. Immerse yourself in insightful stories that provide insightful information and useful applications so you can apply what you learn. These stories will pique your curiosity, expand your understanding, and encourage you to explore the virtually limitless potential of cryptocurrencies. Explore the depths of these stories to learn about the transformative potential of knowledge. Quizzes: Prepare yourself for the challenge of quizzes as you master the teachings in each lesson. Test your newly acquired knowledge to open the doorway to the following level. You advance on your route to greatness by earning XP and Squids for passing the quiz successfully. In the case that the quiz fails, do not worry! Take advantage of the chance to improve your comprehension by retaking the quiz to pave the path for even higher app successes. Let perseverance and tenacity lead you to limitless progress. Complete the quizzes with the results: On the thrilling quiz result screen, congratulate yourself on your victory. Witness the splendor of your well-earned triumph. Why keep it to yourself, too? Share your outstanding quiz score on well-known social networking sites around the globe. As you create the conditions for a thriving learning community, let your accomplishments motivate and pique the interest of others. Your triumph needs to be honored and treasured outside of the app. Get the word out and let your talent shine. Rating the quiz: Shape the learning experience by emphasizing certain points in your voice. As a user, you have the choice to grade the classes you encounter and offer insightful commentary. By rating the information with stars that correspond to your opinions and insights, you may convey how beneficial you believe it to be. Your feedback is essential to determining the app’s future and ensuring that every lesson lives up to and beyond your expectations. Let’s work together to develop a platform that is driven by the community and continually changes to meet your requirements. Your evaluations will serve as a resource for other learners as well as a way for you to share your experience. Key Points: Be prepared to tap into the key insights of each lesson through a special section that summarizes the most important points. Glossary: Unlock the secrets of knowledge using the extensive glossaries provided by the app, a list of significant keywords, and their associated definitions. As you explore the extensive definitions of key terms, immerse yourself in a world of clarity and understanding. You won’t feel lost or confused by unfamiliar technical jargon anymore. You may learn the language of the specialty with the help of the extensive glossaries in the app. Integrate these effective resources seamlessly into your learning process to raise the bar on your comprehension. Make the power of knowledge yours own, and commit to a life-changing experience unlike any other. Leaderboard: The app’s exhilarating leaderboards let you reach the peak of accomplishment as your greatest XP total and longest streaks catapult you to the top. Compete internationally as well as domestically to show off your talent and commitment. In front of your other students, be proud of your achievements. Share your accomplishments and skill level with others to encourage and inspire your peers as they continue their own learning processes. Let your accomplishments serve as a source of motivation and a reminder of your unrelenting commitment to greatness. Notifications: Stay informed and up to date with the app’s specific notification tab, which gives you access to the most important and recent announcements. Discover engaging content updates, significant facts, and up-to-the-minute news that will enhance your learning experience. Be the first to learn about new features, insightful information, and exclusive opportunities as soon as they become available. With the Notifications Tab, you can always keep everything in view while you deepen and broaden your knowledge. Keep in touch and keep yourself informed at all times. CEX Exchanges: In the app, you may experience the Exchange provider world like never before. Discover a curated list of the most well-liked and reliable platforms that guarantee dependability and recognition. Whether you are an experienced trader or a beginner who is exploring Bitcoin’s possibilities, these reputable providers will make it possible for you to conduct safe and secure transactions. You should go cautiously through the chaotic world of cryptocurrencies since you have access to the top Bitcoin exchange providers. Bring your business to new heights while confidently exploring the potential of digital currency. Altcoins: You start an exciting adventure of exploration via the world of cryptocurrencies with the app. Find a complete collection of alternative currencies, each with special potential and prospects. By just clicking on them, you may access a plethora of comprehensive information on altcoins and go further into their world. Get ready to uncover each altcoin’s mysteries and gain knowledge about its characteristics, advantages, and market performance. The DHN, a cryptocurrency that is poised to become well-known, is one of these valuable altcoins. Take advantage of the amazing prospects that await you in the altcoin sector by being educated, making wise decisions, and staying up to date. Profile: Increase the potential of your profile within the app. Discover personalized information and hassle-free control. The profile picture screen serves as your focal point and provides a thorough overview of your account and your progress. Pass on your experience with the profile settings and reflect your distinct identity. Add friends and keep track of their progress alongside your own by adding them. Connect your Krypto-Briefcase securely so you can manage your digital assets with ease. You may request payments with only a few clicks, and you can turn on rewards for your diligent work. Your profile is the key to a tailored and rewarding journey. Connect Wallet: To start an exciting trip and open up a world of options, just integrate your preferred wallet with the app. You will have access to a smooth and safe experience, unlike anything you’ve ever had as long as your wallet is linked to the supported networks. Prepare to enter the fascinating world of digital assets and take command of your cryptocurrency adventure with unmatched simplicity and convenience. The benefits are within your grasp, and the opportunities are limitless. Last but not least, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, our valued community. Your support and commitment are invaluable to us. We look forward to the upcoming implementations and working with you to continue to move Dohrnii Academy forward. Your support drives us and we are thrilled that you are part of this exciting journey. Together, we will push the boundaries of learning and create breakthrough experiences. Thank you for your support and trust! With kind regards Dohrnii DAO Team