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$DHN is a multichain utility token that allows users to get the most out of the Dohrnii ecosystem. With a total supply of 332,000,000 DHN, the token plays a vital part in Dohrnii platform.


Dohrnii Academy — A Leap Forward in User Experience

Dohrnii Academy — A Leap Forward in User Experience

Dohrnii Academy — A Leap Forward in User Experience Introduction: As we continue our journey to elevate the Dohrnii Academy experience, our latest sprint has brought forth a multitude of enhancements and fixes aimed at refining every aspect of our platform. Here’s a detailed overview of the tasks we’ve successfully completed, each contributing to a more seamless and enjoyable learning environment. Sprint 17# Progress: Hotfix: Redirect User to Email Inbox: We’ve swiftly addressed a critical issue where users were inaccurately redirected to compose a new email instead of their email inbox. The implemented fix ensures users are now directed to their email inbox, promoting a smoother and more intuitive experience. 2. Update Fonts to Poppins: Aesthetic harmony is crucial, and we’ve revamped the app’s typography by replacing existing fonts with the elegant Poppins font family. This adjustment aligns our app’s visual identity with precise design specifications. 3. Implement Reading Mode for Light and Dark Text Screens: Reading-heavy screens, such as lessons, now offer a more personalized experience with the introduction of a reading mode switch between light and dark themes. This feature enhances readability and caters to users who prefer a night-friendly reading environment. 4. Upgrade WalletConnect and OneSignal Packages to Latest Versions: To stay at the forefront of technological advancements, we’ve upgraded our WalletConnect and OneSignal packages to their latest versions. This ensures our users benefit from new features, improvements, and heightened security. 5. Resolve Google Auth Provider Bug: Our team diligently investigated and rectified a bug impacting Google authentication, particularly in the login and authentication process. This fix ensures a smooth and secure login experience for all users. 6. Update XP Calculation on Quiz Fail and Repetition: Backend improvements now support an XP reduction mechanism when users fail a quiz or repeat it. The seamless communication between the backend and Flutter app guarantees accurate and updated XP values. 7. Improve Lesson Relation Input: Crafting a custom plugin for dependent select inputs in Strapi CMS, our team has created a dynamic and user-friendly system for selecting lesson relations. This custom field type facilitates smoother interactions and data input. 8. User Data Progress Retrieval, Fixes, and Improvements: Backend functionality related to user data progress retrieval has been enhanced, addressing existing issues and implementing improvements. The result is a more robust and efficient system for tracking user progress. 9. Notification Deletion or Dismissal on the Backend: Our backend now boasts enhanced capabilities, allowing for the deletion or dismissal of notifications based on user interactions. This feature streamlines the notification management process and ensures a cleaner user interface. 10. Add Lesson Rating after Quiz/Lesson Completion: Upon completing lessons and quizzes, users will now be prompted to rate the completed lesson. This addition encourages user engagement and provides valuable feedback. 11. Implement XP Reduction on Quiz Fail and Repetition: The Flutter app has been modified to seamlessly handle XP reduction when users fail a quiz or repeat it. With a reduction rate of 20% for each repetition and a maximum limit of three reductions, this ensures a fair progression system. 12. Update Design for Upcoming Classes: The visual design of the upcoming classes section has been revamped to provide a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing presentation of upcoming lessons. This enhancement contributes to a more engaging user experience. 13. Enhance Notifications with Date/Time and Occurrence Number: Notifications have undergone improvements, now featuring date and time information. Additionally, duplicate notifications have been consolidated, and an occurrence number is displayed, enhancing clarity and reducing redundancy. 14. Readjust “Complete” Button Placement for Persistent Visibility: To ensure a consistent and intuitive user interface, the placement of the “Complete” button has been readjusted. Now, it remains at the bottom of the screen at all times, irrespective of the lesson’s content length. 15. Redesign Glossary Section: The glossary section has undergone a transformative redesign, offering a more engaging and interactive experience for users. Glossaries are now locked by default, introducing the option to unlock terms using energy, with an XP reward for added motivation. As we conclude this sprint, we’re proud to share the strides we’ve made in enhancing the Dohrnii Academy platform. These updates reflect our commitment to delivering a superior learning experience, and we look forward to the continued evolution of our platform. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we work towards creating an unparalleled educational environment. With kind regards, Dohrnii DAO Team

Open Letter — Dohrnii Community

Open Letter — Dohrnii Community

Open Letter — Dohrnii Community Dear Dohrnii Community, I’m delighted to announce the DHN ICO Token Buyback Program, reflecting my dedication to the Dohrnii project and its community. As the project’s founder, I firmly believe in the potential of the Dohrnii Academy and the DHN token. Key Details Objective: I aim to repurchase all tradable DHN Tokens from our ICO participants through Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions, at the ICO purchase price. Price: Your buyback price will match your ICO purchase price. Process: Please initiate the process by sending an email to [email protected] In your email, kindly provide the following details: 1. Your full name (Surname and Family name). 2. The amount of DHN tokens you purchased during the ICO. 3. Your current BSC wallet address holding the DHN tokens. 4. Include a transaction of 10 DHN tokens to the Dohrnii DAO Wallet (0xd5b64eabd12569Ce40100F3D579d55df86a22235) and provide the associated Transaction Hash for verification purposes. Timeline: The registration for the DHN Token Buyback Program will be open for a limited period, from 20. November to 27. November 2023. Reach out during this window if you wish to participate. KYC: Participants will need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process for compliance. This program exclusively pertains to tradable DHN tokens on the BSC Chain. ICO Participants had over a year time to bridge their DHN VET tokens to the only tradeable BSC Chain, but there’s now a deadline set by the Dohrnii DAO for this process. If you haven’t done so yet, a comprehensive KYC process is required to bridge, to prevent fraudulent activity on the VET Chain and to be able to implement all the legal guidelines accordingly. To participate: a) Own tradeable DHN BSC tokens bridged from ICO tokens to Binance Smart Chain. Or b) Hold DHN VET tokens and are in the KYC verification process with the Dohrnii DAO to bridge them to the tradable BSC Chain. The Dohrnii DAO has been consistently repurchasing DHN BSC tokens both from the open market and through Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions and DHN VET Tokens via OTC for a period spanning more than 230 days. During this time, the DAO has successfully accumulated a significant majority of DHN tokens. In line with our commitment to further support the Dohrnii ecosystem, I, as the project’s founder, have privately decided to extend this buyback initiative to include ICO participants directly by myself. By offering to buy back tokens at their original purchase price, I aim to foster a more robust future for the Dohrnii ecosystem and reduce potential selling pressure on the DHN token in the times ahead. My commitment to this initiative is independent of any active engagement in the ongoing development of Dohrnii. I have not been actively participating in the project since my resignation. This buyback program is personally initiated by me as a private investor and is not associated with any other entity, including the Dohrnii team, the Dohrnii DAO, or the Dohrnii Foundation. Nonetheless, I retain the option to contribute all DHN tokens I acquire to the wallet address of the Dohrnii DAO through a donation. Thank you for being an integral part of the Dohrnii community. I anticipate a successful DHN ICO Token Buyback Program. Regards, Dadvan Yousuf Disclaimer: The buyback program is applicable solely to DHN ICO participants who obtained their DHN tokens through the ICO’s investor dashboard in 2021 and did not acquire DHN tokens via Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions or on a decentralized Exchange. Specifically, the buyback program is exclusively for ICO participants who initially acquired DHN ERC-20 tokens through the ICO, subsequently received DHN VET tokens via an airdrop, and then bridged these tokens to the only tradeable Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Eligibility for the buyback is limited to participants who continue to hold all of their DHN tokens, have not engaged in active trading, and do not have a negative DHN token balance resulting from their original ICO purchase. The buyback program may require a maximum of 12 months to accommodate any necessary clarifications, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and undergo a thorough review before the final amount is disbursed per case — However, we reserve the right to extend the 12-month period in more complicated individual cases. Once you transfer your DHN tokens to participate in the buyback program at a later stage, those tokens will no longer be eligible for distribution to the ICO participant, even if the token’s price surpasses the original ICO purchase price.

Announcement from Dohrnii DAO

Announcement from Dohrnii DAO

Dear Dohrnii Community, We would like to provide an important update regarding the evolution of the Dohrnii project and the status of our DHN BSC token. In 2021, the Dohrnii project initiated an ICO and introduced the DHN (erc-20) token. However, this ERC-20 Token was declared invalid in 2022. In response, we launched an Airdrop at that time and distributed a new DHN token on the VeChain blockchain with multichain functionality, including compatibility with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and others. It’s worth noting that the DHN token on VeChain never gained significant trading activity and was only briefly tradable on by an unknown party. Our primary focus, from the beginning, has been on the only tradable DHN token on the Binance Smart Chain. Over time, the Dohrnii DAO has consistently advised the community to bridge their DHN VET tokens to the BSC Chain and to unstake DHN VET tokens from locking. In addition, in 2022, just before the DHN BSC token became tradable, we offered all ICO participants in 2022 the opportunity to repurchase their DHN tokens at the original ICO purchase price. Former Post: Buyback the DHN Token from ICO Former Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unstake Your DHN and Send Them to a VeChain Compatible Wallet Former Posts: How to bridge DHN from Vechain to Binance SmartChain (BEP20)?: Additionally, we would like to announce that the Dohrnii DAO has been actively repurchasing DHN tokens for over 230 days on the only tradable BSC market and through OTC transactions. These transactions are visible to everyone in the Dohrnii DAO Wallet on BscScan with the following link: Each repurchase aligns with our Dohrnii DAO Buyback Program announced in 2022 Today, we are announcing our continued commitment to the development of the sole tradable DHN token on the BSC Chain. To align with exchange compliance guidelines, prevent fraudulent wallet activity related to DHN on VeChain, and intensify our focus on DHN BSC, we have decided to dissolve the bridge to VeChain with immediate effect. This decision is made independently by the DAO and is not influenced by the bridge provider. Currently, no bridges are possible, as the liquidity for the swap has been withdrawn from the pool. This measure ensures that no abusive bridges can be established. We want to emphasize that every DHN holder has had more than a year to bridge their DHN from VeChain to DHN BSC. The Dohrnii DAO has made the request to change the DHN VET to the only tradable DHN BSC on multiple occasions. For those who have not yet done so, there is still an opportunity to bridge your DHN VeChain to DHN BSC after an intensive extended KYC (Know Your Customer) process. However, the time window to be accepted to bridge is very limited. The reason for this is that the Dohrnii DAO wants to continue to focus on the only tradable DHN on the BSC Chain and actively participate. To initiate this process, please submit the following documents via email in a zip file to [email protected]: 1. Passport or National ID Card: A clear and valid copy containing your photo, full name, date of birth, and expiration date. 2. Proof of Address: A recent utility bill, bank statement, or official document showing your name and address. 3. Proof of Funds: Documentation demonstrating the source of funds used to acquire your DHN VET or former ERC tokens, such as bank statements or income tax returns. 4. Selfie with ID: A selfie of yourself holding your passport or ID card next to your face for identity verification. 5. Transaction History: A record of your DHN VET token transactions to verify ownership and token origin additionally a test transaction to the Dohrnii DAO Wallet (0x8DDb5885F297592B8B8811103092E20d5998C3d3) with 10 DHN. 6. Declaration of Funds Origin: A written statement explaining how you obtained your DHN VET tokens. 7. Notarized Documents: Any documents that require notarization or legal certification. 8. Proof of Income: If your funds are related to employment or business income, provide pay stubs, employment contracts, or financial statements. 9. Cryptocurrency Exchange Records: Records of transactions and activities on cryptocurrency exchanges or investment dashboards from the ICO where you initially acquired DHN tokens. 10. Affidavit of Source of Funds: A sworn statement detailing the origin of your funds, signed and notarized if necessary. 11. Proof of Investment: Documentation related to investments, including agreements, statements, or ICO participation records. 12. Correspondence with Dohrnii Project: Any email communication or correspondence with the Dohrnii project regarding your DHN VET tokens or involvement in our activities. 13. References: Personal or professional references that can vouch for your identity and the legitimacy of your funds. Inadequate requests are not responded to or dealt with — only valid and complete applications are checked. The time window until valid submission of the required documents: • Submit the requested documents via email within 24 to 48 hours following this announcement, your individual case will be processed within a timeframe of 6 to 12 months. • Submit the requested documents via email within 49 to 72 hours following this announcement, your individual case will be processed within a timeframe of 12 to 24 months. The reason for the intensive handling of each individual case is the associated time commitment from the Dohrnii DAO. After 72 hours, no further requests will be processed. This transition aims to ensure the security and success of Dohrnii on the only tradable BSC Chain and has nothing to do with the Dohrnii Foundation or persons associated with it. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we take these steps to protect our community and ecosystem. Sincerely, Dohrnii DAO